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            Admission to the UM Digos College is a privilege. While the School is committed to democratizing access to quality education, it reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants or to require the withdrawal of students when it deems their presence among the student body hampers the realization of the objectives of the School.

            Once the student-applicant enters into a contractual relation with the School, he agrees to accept and bind himself to strict observance and compliance of all the policies, rules and regulations of the School. Failure to do so empowers the School to impose the corresponding sanction in accordance with the regulations of the Commission on Higher Education and TESDA. For its part, the School agrees that after the student completes his studies, the School shall confer upon him the appropriate title or degree.

Admission of Freshmen

            A high school graduate seeking admission to any Collegiate or Educational Program must be a graduate of any public or private secondary school recognized by the Department of Education.

            The following credentials are needed for admission:

  1. Report Card (form 138 – original copy)
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character (original copy)
  3. 3 copies Birth Certificate with LCR number (photocopy only)
        1 pc. 2x2 ID Picture (colored) and 1 pc. 1x1 picture

Admission of Transferees

            A student who has earned credits from other colleges and universities of good standing may seek admission to UM Digos Branch provided he/she has not been expelled from previous school attended and provided further that he presents to the Admission Office, the following credentials:

1.      Certificate of Transfer Credentials (CTC) or Certificate of Honorable Dismissal (CHD)

2.      Informative copy of Transcript of Records (for evaluation purposes)

3.      Certificate of Good Moral Character

4.      3 copies Birth Certificate with LCR number

5.      1 pc. 2x2 ID Picture (colored) and 1 pc 1x1

Admission of Student Enjoying Educational Benefits

            Students who are grantees/beneficiaries of any college plan/scholarship program can be admitted to UM Digos Branch provided they meet the basic requirements and provided further that they present duly accomplished and approved scholarship papers upon enrollment. 

Re-admission and Denial

            The UM Digos Branch has the right to impose other rules and regulations for the admission of students aside from the entrance examinations.

            In some degrees and programs, the admission of students is not only subject to the College standards, requirements and regulation, but also to the requisites imposed by law.

            The School has the right to determine which applicants it will accept for enrolment. It has the right to judge the fitness of students seeking admission and re-admission. A student’s failure to satisfy the academic standards the School sets shall be a legal ground for its refusal to re-admit him.

            Apart from the academic deficiency, the violation of school rules is another ground for denying a student’s re-admission, his right to stay in school until he graduates.

            The closure of a program of study, or the closure of the school itself would justify its denial of a student’s re-admission. Diseases or health reasons as well as failure to meet financial obligations are likewise bases to deny re-admission to the School.

Admission of Foreign Students 

            Students from foreign institutions (non-immigrants) seeking admission to the UM Digos College are required to submit the following requirements:

1.      Permit to study specially addressed to the UM Digos College for course and semester or term applied for, from the Commission on Higher Education, Manila.

2.      A transcript of credits and eligibility duly evaluated and determined by the Director of Higher Education, Manila.

3.      Natural-born alien students and those admitted with permanent residence status in the Philippines should present a photocopy of their Alien Certificate of Registration, duly authenticated by the Commission on Higher Education or its duly authorized representatives.

Selective Retention Policy

            To maintain quality education, the School shall adhere to a retention policy for all admitted students, to wit:

Undergraduate Freshmen and Sophomores

            Undergraduate freshmen and sophomores who fail in fifty percent (50%) of their academic subjects will be placed under probation during the succeeding semester. They will be required to re-enroll and pass the subjects in which they failed by the succeeding semester. If they fail again in fifty percent of their subjects, they will not be admitted during the next semester.

Undergraduate Juniors

            Juniors who fail in sixty percent of their subjects during one semester will not be readmitted in the next semester.

For more information, please call or write: School Registrar/ Student Accounts Office UM Digos Campus 8002 Roxas Extension, Digos City Tel. Numbers: 082 553-2711 or 553-2538 Email: