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Criminology Laboratory

crime laboratory - often shortened to crime lab - is a scientific laboratory, using primarily forensic science for the purpose of examining evidence from criminal cases.

A typical crime lab has two sets of personnel:

  • Field analysts - investigators that go to crime scenes, collect evidence, and process the scene. Job titles include:
    • Forensic evidence technician
    • Crime scene investigator**
    • Scenes of crime officer (SOCO)
  • Laboratory analysts - scientists or other personnel who run tests on the evidence once it is brought to the lab (i.e., DNA tests, or bullet striations). Job titles include:
    • Forensic Technician (performs support functions such as making reagents)
    • Forensic Scientist/Criminalist (performs scientific analyses on evidence)
    • Fingerprint Analyst
    • Forensic Photographer
    • Forensic Document Examiner
    • Forensic Entomologist

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